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LendingWell is the single-platform P2P investment partner you've been waiting for.

At LendingWell we offer a single platform for both Retail Investors and Independent Financial Advisors to access, analyse and invest into the broad P2P lending market, through a single sign-in to a LendingWell account.

With platforms for both Retail Investors and Independent Financial Advisors, LendingWell, is a simple user friendly way of making informed investments in P2P loans with confidence.

LendingWell is co-founded with Liberum Alternative Finance , a leading strategic advisor and development partner to the Alternative Finance sector.

Your capital is at risk if you lend to individuals or businesses.

Delivering true flexibility. Investors can select from our three investment options.

Model Portfolio

For investors who want a straight-forward, packaged investment. LendingWell offers a unique diversified portfolio of P2P loans across LendingWell’s P2P partner platforms.

Self-Direct Account

Perfect for investors who want to make their own investment decisions. LendingWell will offer the range of P2P loans products available on the lending platforms.

Bond Products

Simple investment products with fixed returns. Bonds will be issued against portfolios of P2P loans managed by leading third party institutional investors.

Our Model Portfolios deliver:

  • One-stop access to a diversified portfolio of P2P loans from the leading UK platforms
  • The ability to easily invest in an IFISA or SIPP accounts in a diversified portfolio of P2P loans
  • A sensible and convenient, market diversified investment

Our Self-Direct account delivers:

  • A one-stop platform for retail investors to access 80%+ of the UK P2P market
  • A simple allocation process to build a diversified P2P lending portfolio
  • Control over comprehensive investment criteria selection: maturity, asset type (consumer, business, property), target return and platform

Our Bond Products aim to be:

  • Easy to access
  • Listed and Transferable
  • Of Institutional quality
  • Flexible to distribute via a network of intermediaries

Your capital is at risk if you lend to individuals or businesses.


Tim Slesinger

Tim Slesinger


Tim is CEO of LendingWell and is passionate about Direct Lending, and P2P in particular. He has built up a deep knowledge of the industry over the past eight years through being a significant Lender on many of the leading platforms. LendingWell has been co-founded by Tim and Liberum Alternative Finance, a leading strategic advisor and development partner to the Alternative Finance sector, to provide a simple, single point of access for financial advisers and retail investors to the loan investment products offered by leading peer-to-peer platforms. LendingWell’s mission is to make investing in P2P lending easier and better by guiding investors through the evolving and exciting landscape of this new asset class.

Prior to his involvement in the Direct Lending sector, Tim had founded, in 1998, and built the market leading document and data management operation in Central & Eastern Europe, operating in 8 countries and 37 cities. Tim also had previously co-founded, in Hong Kong, a private mail service that distributes business mail between member companies through a closed exchange network, which today remains the market leader.

Chris Mellish

Chris Mellish


Since the age of seven Chris has shown a love for computers and more specifically programming them. Now with nearly 28 years of programming experience and 16 years developing internet enabled websites, applications, and games, Chris is considered one of the top developers in his field.

In 2012, Chris co-founded Assetz SME Capital Limited and became Chief Technology Officer.

Cirnac Leech

Cormac Leech


Cormac is a Director of Liberum Alternative Finance, a specialist adviser and development partner for the alternative finance sector. Over the last two years he has been actively involved in P2P helping some of the leading platforms raise both equity and debt capital.

Cormac has been a banks analyst for over 10 years spending time previously at JPMorgan and RBS. Prior to his time in equity research Cormac worked as a strategy consultant at McKinsey advising financial institutions and also has 5 years experience structuring fixed income derivatives at Citigroup.

Michael Baptista

Michael Baptista


After 20+ years of senior banking and capital markets roles around the world, I am creating a FinTech specialist VC.

Assembly Capital Advisors will fund and advise the most innovative, customer value-driven and profitable FinTech startups.

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